A Chance Encounter with Kanye



Stars flood the night sky like neural synapses.

Telescopic eyes know the route to Mars, Jupiter

Find Saturn, there, with its carousel rings of mountain dust.


While awake in adult life, I’ve never dreamed of world-renowns.

Yet in stillness exist bodies outside our orbits

Encounters of the dream world.


The effigy of stars now settles; my retina focuses on these luminaries.

This cannot be truth; how can nature make itself so accessible to this particulate body?

It is as if I’ve never looked up before, witnessed their light in my eyes.


I meet Mr. West by mere chance in my dreams, direct him to the stars, and turn him to Saturn as Kim sighs a few steps in front of us. All the same, the man of fame lit with pleasure at the sight of Saturn.


“Saturn has never been this close to us, you know,” lifting my body to meet his eye-level.

“Can we write worlds in the pages of our years? Are we all as brilliant as the Milky Way?”

I want to believe in the universality of brilliance everywhere, the doubt that supports my convictions, and the run-away light designing its way from the stars.

Ayendy Bonifacio

A PhD student in English literature at the Ohio State University now, and the first college graduate in his family, Ayendy Bonifacio, is a freelance poet and has had poems and book reviews published in various journals, including The Rocky Mountain Review.


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